Friday, July 04, 2008

Follow the Tour De France in Street View

Tour de France - Live Tracker 2008

Two days ago I expressed my life's one desire was for someone to produce a Google Map that tracked the Tour de France and showed the first person view of the riders via Street View. Well I think Ubilabs have succeeded in making my life complete (yes - my life is that sad).

The Ubilabs Tour de France site now has a countdown to the beginning of the race, a Google Map and Street View. If you click on any of the stages on the map the Street View changes to that position. So even though the race hasn't begun you can already check out the start and finish lines (and any point in between).

Under the Street View there is an instruction that says "follow riders position to update street view", which suggests that the view is going to update as the rider's position changes or that you will be able to change the view manually by clicking on a rider during the race.

Now I can't wait until tomorrow to try this out live. Damn, I'm going to have to.

A user of MapMyRide has also plotted the route of the Tour de France. MapMyRide has the option to embed maps in your own website or blog. So if you want a map of the Tour de France route this is the place to get it.

Via: Mapperz

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