Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Germany Google Maps Mashup Roundup


Although it sounds like a Google Maps Mashup of crimes against attractiveness (or a map of the ugly) PrettyCrime is actually a Google Map of crime in Berlin. The crimes are colour-coded into various categories and it is possible to search the map by date.

PrettyCrime is an open source project and accesses crime data from public police news items.

Rezeptwiese is a German language community cooking website. Users can share recipes and create collections of their favourite recipes. Members can also create groups of friends with whom they can share cooking tips and recipes. Members of groups can geo-tag their location on a Google Map and presumably find like minded members near-by.

Earth Dots

Earth Dots is a German language directory of interesting satellite images found in Google Maps and Google Earth. You can browse the images via a number of categories, such as current events, people and celebrities, film and literature, nature and many more.

The image above is a gathering of Dutch soccer fans during the last World Cup in Germany.

Deutsche Kreditbank ATM's

Deutsche Kreditbank have created a Google Map of ATMs worldwide which are free of charge for their customers. If customers find an ATM that isn't already tagged they can add it to the map themselves.

SuchR is a German social community website for sharing information about different locations and venues. Users can add places to a map and tag the location with keywords.

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