Friday, July 11, 2008

Google Trends Live Mapping

Google Trends Vision

A few weeks ago we reported on Mibazaar's Google Trends Map. Mibazaar's Google Trends Map shows a Google Map of the top ten cities where search is originating from for a given keyword.

Mibazaar have now produced a new Google Map based on Google Trends called Google Trends Live Mapping. The new map shows the latest hot topics live on a Google Map. The map continuously updates 'Twittervision' style between the latest hot searches.

Each tag shows the search term and is geo-tagged onto the town or city that has made the most searches for that term. Each tag also includes a trend graph for the day showing the volume of search for the term over the course of 24 hours.

Warning: Like all these 'Twittervision' type maps the experience is strangely hypnotic and you may find that you lose large chunks of your day to this map.

Google Trends Vision - India
Google Trends Vision - USA
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