Monday, July 07, 2008

Horse Racing on Google Maps

If you are a little tired of all the Tour de France Google Maps mash-ups we have been pushing your way in the last week how about trying a horse tracking mash-up instead? After all why cycle when you can get a horse to do all the work for you?


TrackHawk shows a replay of a number of horse races on Google Maps. The horses are represented on the map by a number of coloured tags. The positions of each horse in the race is shown in a 'race information' window and there is even a pop up window that shows a close up view of the race.

The map includes a 'race control' that allows you to stop and start a race, rewind the action or fast-forward. Currently TrackHawk has recorded three races at Sha Tin and one race at Happy Valley in Hong Kong.

I suggest you gather a few friends around your monitor and lay down a few bets before pressing play. If you're really smart you might even check out the result of the race beforehand (not that I'd ever suggest you rip off your friends).

If cars are more your sort of thing TrackHawk have also produced a number of Google Maps showing car race tracks. Each track has tags explaining the track's turns and a little animated car driving around the track.

The tracks:

Calder Park
Philip Island

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