Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Map of 37,000 Skeletons in London

Skeleton Key to the Bodies Under London's Streets

The Museum of London and The Times have collaborated to produce a Google Map of tens of thousands of skeletons that lie hidden beneath the streets, houses and offices of London.

The map shows the locations of skeletons found by the museum, including that of a 19th century young woman suffering from severe syphilis and a 14th century man with a metal spike lodged in his spine. The man was probably hit with an arrow or spear, but the attack did not kill him. He survived long enough to catch bubonic plague in his late thirties or early forties.

The found skeletons are marked on the map with suitably gruesome tags in the shape of skulls. Clicking on a tag opens a window with information about the skeleton found at that location.

The 26 skeletons with the most fascinating stories will be put on display at the Wellcome Collection in London, from July 23 to September 28.

UK Archaeology Maps
A site previously reviewed on Google Maps Mania is UK Archaeology Maps. A great Google Maps archaeology mash-up with over 1000 locations to browse. Locations are sorted into categories, such as battlefields, castles, fieldwork, military archaeology, Roman etc.

The Digital Archaeological Atlas of the Holy Land

The Digital Archaeological Atlas of the Holy Land is an amazing collection of Google Maps that together form an on-line digital atlas of the region.

The site is divided into a number of areas, including a series of case studies, numerous historic maps, and a huge searchable database. The "Empires" section illustrates the march of empires across the Middle East, from the development of the first Egyptian state in about 3000 BCE to the Ottoman Empire in 1918 CE. The 'Empires' Google Map includes the option to view an animated time-line of these empires.

The site also includes a Spatial Search function that lets you draw an irregular area on the map and find all the sites in the database that fall within one kilometre of the area you have chosen.

Anyone with an interest in the Holy Land or anyone planning to visit should definitely give this site a long, long browse - you won't be disappointed and you will definitely learn something about the region.

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