Friday, July 18, 2008

Something for the Weekend

It has been a busy week for Google Maps Mash-ups. Here are few maps to tide you over the weekend:

Two UK Entertainment Guides and a 007 Map:

SoGlos have produced a hugely impressive map for the county of Gloucestershire in the UK. The map geo-tags over 3,000 restaurants, theatres, nightclubs, pubs and cinemas in the county. You can filter the results on the map by selecting specific layers to view.

Family Activity Planner
Family Activity Planner
The Daily Telegraph newspaper in the UK have produced a hugely impressive Google Map of 60,000 family days out and child-friendly activities.

To find activities users enter a location and the dates they are interested in viewing and the map returns an impressive number of suggested activities for that area.

James Bond Map
To celebrate the centenary of Ian Fleming’s birth, Times Online have produced a Google Map of the wartime haunts of Ian Fleming, as well as his favourite hotels, restaurants, pubs and clubs. The map also shows where James Bond gets his suits, shirts, shoes, hats and ties when he is in London.

Two Hotel / Booking Maps

HotelMapSearch is a hotel and travel reservation site that is built around a Google Map showing over 70,000 hotels. Each hotel is tagged with information on the average price and the number of stars it has. You can search the map by price, location, hotel chain or by the star rating.

Users can use the tools on the site to share favourite hotels and views with friends and family.

Book by Map
Book by Map is a Google Map that shows hotels, restaurants, theatres and other attractions all over the world.

For each tagged attraction Book by Map provide links that will allow either online booking or provide details that will ensure you can make contact with the owners or operators directly.

And There's More ...

Wolpy is a social community site that allows members to build and share a map of places that they have visited. With Wolpy users can share their opinions of places, keep track of their travels, explore the world in search of great places to travel and discover where their friends have been.

Useamap and JustRoutes
Useamap, a website that lets users create their own Google Maps mash-ups and JustRoutes, a journey planner for Dublin have both been updated to include Google Maps' terrain and Google Earth browser views.


Geopeople is a website that allows users to research people with reference to space, time, and biography. The Google Map displays icons that represent people, placed with reference to their geographic locations.

The icons can be filtered by date. By clicking on an icon either a single individual or a list of individuals are indicated with links to Wikipedia articles. The map can be focused on any part of the world and the site is even being developed in different languages.
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