Monday, July 14, 2008

Ten Useful Google Maps Gadgets & Widgets

1. World Headline Map

The World Headline Map is a Google Maps news mashup for iGoogle that maps current stories from various news sources around the world. You can zoom into any area on the map and receive news stories for that location

2. 94040 Weather Map
The 94040 Weather Map for iGoogle shows the weather on a Google Map. You can set the region by entering your zip code into the settings. You can also view the weather locally or nationally by using the zoom options.

3. Blogloc
The Blogloc map badge is a small, personal map you can embed on your website, blog or social network profile, to show your live location. The map badge uses the Google Static Maps API to show your current location. Your location can be updated via web, mobile phone, or directly via GPS on GPS-enabled mobile phones that support Java.

4. Photo Finder Widget
Photo Finder is a Google Maps widget that shows geo-tagged photographs from Panoramio. You can add the widget to any website or bog by cutting and pasting a small peice of code or you can add the widget to your iPhone.

5. Schmap
Schmap allows you to add a number of different maps to your web site or blog. By cutting and pasting a small piece of code. You can show a map of a touring band or artist, a sport, or even show your political allegiance by displaying a map for the presidential candidate of your choice.

6. FoxyTag
FoxyTag is a collaborative network for users to map speed cameras. A map of the speed cameras can be accessed from a mobile phone or you can add the map to an iGoogle page.

7. Cloud Map
See the weather from above with this cloud cover map. This iGoogle gadget shows a satellite view of global cloud cover. The clouds are updated every hour.

8. Daylight Map
An interactive map showing which areas of the Earth are currently in daylight, and which are in darkness. The night-side satellite view also includes city lights as seen from orbit.

9. Lonely Planet TV Video Map
Put a video map on your iGoogle page with this gadget from Lonely Planet.

10. Google Map Search
Finally, you could just settle for having a Google Map on it's own. Google Map Search is a Google gadget that shows a small Google Map with a search box that enables you to search for any location in the world.

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