Monday, September 08, 2008

Google Maps of Universities

UK university map
US Universities
This Google Map from College Outlook shows over 8,600 US colleges and universities. It is possible to filter the results by searching for universities in individual states. Each university's tag includes the university's address and a link to its website. Street views of universities are also shown where they are available.

It is even possible to order information packs from a number of institutions by selecting those you are interested in and completing a short form.

Canada Universities
Map Builder have provided a Google Map of Canadian universities. Each tag includes the university's address and a link to its website.

French Universities
A Google Map of every French University. Each tag contains the university's address and a link to a list of courses provided by the university.

Spanish Universities
Italian Universities
German Universities
Studieren, who created the French universities map, have also produced a map of Spanish, Italian and German universities.

UK Universities

This map from the University of Wolverhampton tags every UK university and HE institute. When you click on a tag a host of links for the institution are provided in a sidebar. The list includes links to the university's website (including undergraduate and graduate prospectuses, news feed, student union and staff directory) and to the university's UCAS profile and Guardian University Guide.

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