Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Songs on Google Maps

Copenhagen Music

Soren Johannessen has created a Google Maps mash-up of YouTube videos that contain songs about Copenhagen, Denmark. So far Soren has mapped 36 songs but hopes that users will add more.

You can suggest other songs about Copenhagen on Soren's blog Microformats.dk. Soren has also started a music map for all of Denmark, which hasn't got many songs yet but which he plans to add more to. Both maps were built using Map Channels new Feed Maps API and Google Spreadsheets.

Music About London
London Music map
I liked Soren's idea so much I decided to build my own map of songs about London. This map is worth a visit if only to hear Fozzy Bear's version Knocked 'Em in the Old Kent Rd.

I've transfered the data about the songs' locations and the YouTube codes to a Google Spreadsheet and hopefully Soren can add the London songs to his map as well. I have also created a form for the spreadsheet so you can also add songs to the map.

If you know a great song about a location enter it here.
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