Monday, October 20, 2008

Bird and Leaf Spotting on Google Maps

Birdpost Map
You can use Birdpost's Google Map to either report bird sightings or find out about bird sightings in a particular area. To add a bird sighting the user just double clicks on the map and completes a short form.

To find sightings the user just types a location into a search box. The map then centres on that location and shows previous sightings with blue markers on the map and lists the birds in a side panel.

Bird watchers can also use Birdpost to create an on-line chronicle of the birds they have seen, share their chronicles with other Twitterers, connect with other bird watchers and create e-mail alerts for sightings of rare birds.

Fall for Tennessee

The Tennessee Department of Tourist Development have created two Google Map mash-ups to encourage visitors to explore the delights of Fall in the state.

Scenic Drives is a Google Map of car journeys that highlight Tennessee's rich variety of natural beauty, from the misty Eastern mountains to the eerie beauty of Reelfoot Lake.

Leaf Excursions is a Google Map showing train rides, boat cruises, and horseback riding trails that offer a relaxing way to enjoy the beauty of Fall in Tennessee.

Other Nature Maps
  • World on the Move - BBC maps tracking annual migrations of animal species across the world.
  • KQED's "Quest" - Public Broadcaster KQED's nature "explorations" in the San Francisco Bay Area.
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