Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Explore a world location with Mapdango!

I found this excellent Google Maps mashup called Mapdango that lets quickly, and easily get local information about any city or town in the world:

The clean interface on Mapdango is super easy to use.. try it out; Enter any place name. Maybe a place you'll be traveling to soon or the place you live: Singapore, Louisville Kentucky, Auckland New Zealand etc.. and hit GO! On the results page Mapdango places a Google Map to the right and and mashed up content to the left. Content gets marked by color across the map. Data sources are few but valuable for any locaiton. They include:
Mapdango is quick and easy to use and will provide you with good, useful local information. Now, do you want to take this a step further and impress your friends and family by becoming a super geoweb traveler? Combine the following sites with Mapdango to know everything there is to know about the location you're in:
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