Thursday, March 26, 2009

Huge Environmental Google Map

Earth Knowledge

Earth Knowledge is an environment news portal for Google Maps that was first featured on Google Maps Mania in May 2008. It draws in news feeds about the Earth from a large number of sources and plots the information on a map.

This week the website is introducing a number of new features:

Internet-browser-based Map Tool - displays a full-screen view of the earth geo-tagged with breaking news stories from the world’s best scientific and environmental research and news agencies

Social networking and blogging capability
- now Earth Knowledge users can start their own blog to comment on the day’s Earth news and can participate in discussions on cutting-edge topics such as climate change, moderated by scientists and experts working in that field.

Earth Knowledge has also completed a 5 minute news segment with “Our Planet” which will air on CNN Headline News in Boston on Thursday March 26th, and in New York on Saturday March 28th, and other dates and times regionally and nationally this year.

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