Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Annotate the World with Google Maps

Onotate the World

Onotate the World lets you annotate the world on Google Maps. To annotate the world with onotate you need to Tweet @onotate to get some sticky notes or make your own. The onotate sticky notes come in three kinds, a smiley face, an unhappy face and a 'meh' face.

Once you have your sticky notes you can then start annotating the world. If you stick a note on an object you need to take a photo and post a geotagged tweet with a hashtag of #like, #meh or #dislike depending on the note. Your picture will then appear on the onotate Google Map.

Onotate the World is a beautifully designed map. Which isn't surprising as it is a side project of, a website that will allow you to present, review & annotate web design mockups.

Hat-tip: Mapperz


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