Monday, April 12, 2010

Celebrity Stalking with Google Maps


With the rise of smart phones the ability of individuals to share locations has risen dramatically. You would have thought therefore that celebrity tracking with Google Maps would have been a huge growth area over the last couple of years.

However Gawker Stalker seems to have given up on including a map on its site and Jaunted's Vancouver Celebrity Map and Toronto Celebrity Map don't seem to have been updated for a few years.

Celebrity stalkers will therefore be pleased to see the release of iPap. iPap is a celebrity spotting network for the mobile location sharing age.

Now if you spot a celebrity when you are out and about you can whip out your phone and go to to report the celeb's location. The iPap home page features a Google Map where you can browse the latest celebrity sightings,

To make things more fun iPap also rewards celeb spotters with points. You get 100pts for every iPap you make and the site displays the weekly and all time time celebrity spotters.


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