Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Finnish Google Maps Mashup Roundup


Intermediator is a website to help Finnish businesses find suitable office premises. Using Google Maps Intermediator’s clients can search specific areas for premises and filter by type and size.

Viva Premises
Viva Premises offers a similar solution for businesses looking for premises. It uses Google Maps to show the locations of office space available to rent or buy.

The website uses Google Maps to help organisations find suitable conference venues in Finland. The site includes a multifaceted search engine and uses Google Maps to show the location of each venue in its database.

World Vision
Finland’s World Vision aims to help develop and enhance the living standards in the developing world. World Vision uses Google Maps to highlight areas in the world where the organisation has established projects. For example, here is the Google Map showing World Vision's projects in India.

All the maps above were produced with the help of Finnish Internet marketing company Really?

Tilannehuone (Finnish for situation room) is a website tracking fires, car accidents, animal resues and environmental accidents in Finland.

Different map markers are used for each type of incident and each incident is mapped with a time and date.


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Sami Viitamäki said...


Being an avid reader, I noticed you had a Finnish Google Maps mashup roundup. We just happened to launch a campaign for our client that uses both Google Maps and Google Street View to let visitors share their favorite driving routes and sceneries. As far as I know, this is the first marketing campaign in Finland utilizing Street View. You can view it here: