Saturday, April 10, 2010

More Green Google Maps

Climate Change Data Portal

The Climate Change Data Portal from the World Bank is using Google Maps to provide quick and readily accessible climate and climate-related data to policy makers and development practitioners. The map displays key climate variables data as well as a screening tool for assessing development projects for sensitivities to climate change.

Using the map it is possible to select and view climate-related data for any country in the world. Clicking on a country allows the user to access a climate change summary, historical data, natural disaster data, socio-economic indicators and agriculture data.

Sandbag: Map of Carbon Allowances

The European Union Emission Trading System requires large emitters of carbon dioxide within the EU to monitor and annually report their CO2 emissions, and return an amount of emission allowances to the government that is equivalent to their CO2 emissions in that year.

Sandbag is using Google Maps to show those currently covered by the EU emissions trading scheme. The map shows how many allowances factories and power stations have been given to enable them to carry on emitting for free this year and how this compares to the actual emissions data for these sites in 2008.

It is possible to view a map for any of the EU countries.

California's Green Economy

The Environmental Defense Fund has produced a Google Map to show the location of California's green companies. The map allows users to search out companies that retrofit homes for energy efficiency, manufacture parts for renewable energy systems, build electric cars or process advanced fuels.

It is possible to search the map by city, county or congressional district.

Via: Climateatlas


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