Thursday, April 15, 2010

Where Did You Lose Your Virginity Map

New Zealand Virginity Map

New Zealand television show Go Girls has created a Google Map for viewers to share with the world where they lost their virginity.

To add yourself to the map you just need to drop your 'virginity pin' on the map at the location where your first fumblings took place. If you don't want to share your first sexual experiences with the world you can just explore the map.

You can search the map by location or choose to view the 'hot spots' (at the moment Auckland seems the most popular place to lose your virginity). It is also possible to view the latest updates to the map.

If you do add your first sexual experience to the map you can choose from a selection of map pins that reflect the success of your first time and you can inform the world how long the experience lasted.

Hat-tip: Mapperz (don't bother searching for Mapperz on the map - I already did so and it looks like he hasn't added his virginity pin to the map)


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