Monday, June 07, 2010

Top Marks for Google Maps Mashup

We Love Wind

We Love Wind is a Google Maps mashup that provides a global weather service showing wind information tailored to individual locations. The wind data shown on the map is displayed in a form that is most relevant for wind sports.

We Love Wind first featured on Google Maps Mania last year but as the map's creator, Jakob Aar√łe Dam, has just won the prize for the best computer science thesis from the Danish Society for Computer Science, we thought it was worth another mention. Jakob's We Love Wind Map formed the practical side of his thesis and helped its creator achieve the highest possible mark for his computer science degree.

Congratulations Jakob!

Jakob's map shows surfable locations with green crosses and non-surfable locations with a red cross. Wind strength is shown by different coloured and different sized arrows. A wind forecast timeline is available under the map. Using the timeline it is possible to view the wind speed and direction forecast for the next few days.

We Love Wind also contains a surfing locations map. If your favourite surfing spot isn't currently on the map then you can add it yourself.


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