Thursday, July 01, 2010

Learn About Your Flight with Google Maps

Hidden Journeys

Wouldn't it be great if, before taking a plane flight, you could look up the flight path and learn about all the places you will fly over on your journey? Well if you are travelling from London to Johannesburg, London to Delhi or London to Vancouver you now can.

Hidden Journeys, a project of the Royal Geographical Society, aims to enable air travellers to interact and engage with the parts of the world that can be seen from the air whilst on a plane journey. So far only three plane journeys have been mapped but more are on the way.

The website's aim is "to create a knowledgeable travelling population who can make the most of the aerial perspective whilst flying to better understand the world; to understand the depth and richness of the changing relationship between humans and their natural and built environment; and how the physical environment they can see from the air has changed, and continues to change over time."

Hidden Journeys uses Google Maps to show the flight path of the journey and to show the interesting things that can be seen from the plane on your journey. If you click on any of the map markers you will be shown detailed information and photographs of the selected location.

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