Sunday, July 04, 2010

Welcome to Plymouth with Google Maps

Plymouth 3D

Google Maps is such a great tool for promoting towns and cities I'm surprised there aren't more sites like 3D Plymouth. 3D Plymouth is a Google Maps based guide to the picturesque town of Plymouth, Michigan.

Plymouth 3D uses the Google Earth browser plug-in to allow you to explore the town in glorious 3D. If you don't like the 3D option you can select Google Maps to view all the information with a normal map view.

And what a lot of information there is.

Plymouth 3D can show you the location of any store in the town. If you need a hair cut, select 'Barber' and you can view the location of all the town's barbers, or maybe you fancy an icecream, if so just select 'Candies & Ice Cream'. There is in fact over 40 categories of store to choose from.

If you have finished your shopping then Plymouth 3D can even help you find some entertainment. The 'Locate Events' section can show you the location of upcoming entertainment and sporting events in the town.

There are also options to view the weather, local traffic, road closures, schools, Street View and local property for sale. There are so many options with this map that I'm sure I've even missed a few.

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