Monday, August 02, 2010

The Simple Ideas Are Often the Best

Story Map

This morning I was reading EDTE.CH's account of the recent Google Maps Session at the Google Teacher Academy UK meeting. The post has a lot of interesting resources for using Google Maps in the classroom but I was very impressed with one particular idea. The idea is to use Google My Maps to create interactive narratives.

To create a Story Map you create a Google My Map with a starter map marker. The first map marker should include a simple start to your story. In the example given a map marker was placed on Westminster Bridge in London with this opening for the narrative:

It was exactly where they said it would be. The Thames swirled below me from a passing barge as I lifted it too my chest.

The bridge seemed quieter than usual, and yet I could feel eyes watching. Which way now? I needed to get moving. I had already spent too long.

I turned and pressed on.

Once you have placed your opening map marker students can then choose from a number of story paths drawn on the map using the line tool, adding their own map markers and continuing the story.

I wish I had thought of this idea when I was still an English teacher. It definitely gets an A+ from me and is on a par with the excellent Maths Maps


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