Sunday, November 07, 2010

Jet Skiing to Nicaragua on Google Maps

The two big Google Maps stories that have been winging their way around the internet this week are:
  1. Google Maps are to blame for Nicaragua mistakenly invading Costa Rica
  2. If you ask for driving directions from Japan to China on Google Maps you are advised to jet ski across the Pacific Ocean
I didn't cover either story on Google Maps Mania. I will rectify that today :)

The reason that I didn't cover the Nicaragua story was because I was very dubious that one country would invade another country on the basis of Google Maps. If you are interested in the truth of the territory dispute between the two countries Ogle Earth has a really good post explaining why "the narrative currently dominating the internet is wrong: Nicaragua did not mistakenly enter Costa Rican territory because it relied on Google Maps".

I originally didn't cover the Google Maps driving directions from Japan to China because I thought it was a very old story that everybody had already heard a thousand times. The amount of coverage this has been given on the internet suggest I was wrong.

So just in case you missed any of these Google Maps Easter eggs here they are again:

If you ask Google Maps for driving directions from Japan to China Google Maps driving directions suggest at (step 43) that you 'Jet ski across the Pacific Ocean'.

If you ask Google Maps for the driving directions from Sydney Airport to 200 Stanmore Rd, Stanmore, NSW 2048, Australia (Newington College) Step 48 suggests that you Kayak across the Pacific Ocean to Australia. The estimated length of this journey is 43 days and 6 hours, but I understand if you catch the North Equatorial Current you can seriously cut into that time.

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