Tuesday, November 02, 2010

The New York Marathon on Google Maps

New Balance - New York Marathon Map

This beautiful looking application from New Balance shows you Flickr photographs on a stylised Google Map that uses custom made map tiles.

The map shows the New York Marathon route and allows you to view geotagged photographs of previous New York marathons directly on the map. To view a photograph you can click on the small red map markers or select from the thumbnails at the bottom of the map.

As well as the map you can leave messages of support for individual runners, find the best locations to view the race and find places to eat around the route.

Going the Distance - The Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal have also created a map of the New York Marathon route. The map includes the route, an elevations chart and Street Views of the route.

My favourite feature of the Wall Street Journal's map is the superb integration between the elevation chart and Street View. If you hover your mouse along the elevation chart the Street View will update to show the respective view. Very cool.

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