Wednesday, February 23, 2011

2010 Census Visualised on Google Maps

Census 2010 NJ by Moonshadow Mobile

Moonshadow Mobile have released a great Google Maps application to visualise the 2010 New Jersey census data.

This application visualizes some five million records. Using the application you can set filters, colors and generate heat maps. You can display census block lines, as well as County lines, Congressional, State House and State Senate districts. You can even zoom down to the census block level and download the actual census data for a block.

The Census Bureau will be releasing data for each state over the next five weeks and Moonshadow Mobile plan to publish Google Maps applications to visualise the data for a number of the states.

Chicago Tribune - 2010 Census: Illinois Population

This Google Map from The Chicago Tribune uses data from the 2010 census to show population changes in Illinois.

The heat map shows areas that have grown and shrunk in population in the last ten years. The map seems to show a general trend of population growing in the centre of Chicago but people moving out of the outer neighborhoods.

If you zoom in you can view the exact population change figures for each census tract.


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