Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday Fun with Google Maps

Then Turn Left at the Moon

If you ask for directions between Jarsy and Meylan in France you will eventually come across this Google Maps glitch. If you follow the blue suggested route in Street View Google tries to send you to Meylan via an intergalactic detour.

Running the Alphabet

Running the Alphabet is a website devoted to, well, running the alphabet. This project by the designer and runner Joan Pons Moll aims to create a complete typeface by using a GPS unit and two quick feet.

UFO in Finland

Street View Funny has found another glitch in Google Maps Street View. Or is a glitch? Maybe it is the final proof that we are being visited by aliens.

Google Map Rugs

Las Vegas designer David Hanauer creates beautiful rugs based on Google Maps satellite views.

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