Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Google Maps of the Week

This week we saw some familiar mapping themes but with some new twists. For example, Pothole Season is far from being the first pothole reporting Google Map but the addition of pothole avoiding driving directions is a nice addition to the concept.

You can use Pothole Season to report the location of potholes and you can also use it to get driving directions that shows you the route with the least potholes.

Vasile Cotovanu', Lausanne Transit Network Simulator, is not the first real-time transit network simulator either. Vasile himself is responsible for the Swiss Railways(SBB) network simulator and Romanian Railways(CFR) network simulator.

Vasile's latest simulation however is even more impressive because of the availability of oblique aerial view imagery in Lausanne. The simulator animates the town's buses in real-time based on the Lausanne public transit network time-table.

This week I was also impressed with Tweereal, a real-time Google Map of Twitter users activity. In particular I liked the cool animated map markers.

I also think that Everplaces is a nice addition to the location bookmarking market. Everplaces has some neat features, such as importing your saved locations from Google Maps and the ability to share your favourite locations with friends via the various social networks.
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