Monday, March 26, 2012

Your Childhood Memories in Street View

Ever since Zefrank's Childhood Walk I've been waiting for someone to provide a Street View memory tagging application.

In a Childhood Walk Ze asked people to think of a walk that they used to make as a child. He then asked them to recreate the walk virtually using Google Maps Street View. Whilst on the walk, if a specific childhood memory came to mind, he asked people to write it down and take a screenshot of the Street View.

Even since reading the nostalgic submissions people made to Childhood Walk I've been thinking about building an app that allowed users to select a Street View of a childhood scene and asking them to add a short comment about what the place in the Street View means to them.

Jux - Teleportation isn't quite that application but it comes close. Users of Jux can choose any Street View image from Google Maps and add a comment. The Jux application doesn't have to be used for childhood memories - but it can be.

Here is one of my earliest visual memories of Shirley Oaks in London.

Hat-tip: Street View Funny

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