Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Business Street View with Google Maps

A donkey poses for the camera at Acme Studio in New York

I noticed today that you can now see which businesses on Google Maps have interior Street Views.

I'm not sure when Google Maps tweaked the UI but when you drag pegman across Google Maps you can now see which businesses have indoor Street View by a blue dot. Is is a little confusing because Panoramio photos are also shown with a blue dot. The interior Street View dots are a little bigger so you can just about tell them apart.

When you are navigating Street View you can also see where you can venture inside a business by two white arrows pointing into the store. You can click the arrows to visit the interior of the selected store.

Perusing the antiques in this shop opposite the British Museum

If you want to get your own business on Street View then check out the Google Maps - Business Photos website.
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