Saturday, July 14, 2012

YouTube Videos on Google Maps

YouTube Videos Near Me is a Google Map that lets you search for YouTube videos by location. To search for geo-tagged YouTube videos you just need to drop the map marker on your location of choice and geo-tagged videos that are within a 2 mile radius of that point are displayed beneath the map.

My experience is that geo-tagged video maps tend not to work as effectively as geo-tagged photo maps. For some reason geo-tagged photographs seem to more effectively portray the location where they were shot than geo-tagged videos.

For example, when I select the Taj Mahal on YouTube Videos Near Me the results show a lot of videos entitled things like 'How to create apps for Facebook' and 'How to auto-forward emails'.

However the results of this location search do show some great home-made videos of the Taj Mahal. So if you fancy partaking of a little virtual tourism today then YouTube Videos Near Me is a good place to start.
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