Saturday, August 31, 2013

And Some Non-Google Maps

The Contrail Science Flight Map is a great visualisation of worldwide flights. The map animates through 24 hours of world flight data revealing some really interesting patterns in global traffic.

The map includes a number of options to control how the visualisation displays. I suggest turning on the 'night' option, which adds an animation of daylight / night on the map, and then speed up the overall map animation to observe how flight pattern change over the course of the day.

Last year the New York Times created an interesting map that allows Americans to view how their annual income compares to the national average. The What Percent Are You? map allows you to enter your annual income and view how your income compares to other Americans.

After entering your annual income you can click on any state on the map to see how your income compares to the average income in that state.

After you have worked out how your salary compares to the rest of the country you might want to check out this Cost of Living map. This map shows the cost of living around the world based on a number of cost of living indices.

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