Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Contribute to the Creative Makers' Maps

The CreativeSpaceExplorer is a Google Map of collaborative creative spaces, innovation labs, online communities and art studios worldwide.

The map can be searched by location or by type of creative space. The map markers are categorised into three different types of creative spaces, 'permanent', 'temporary' and 'virtual'. If you know of a creative space that is missing from the CreativeSpaceExplorer you can add it to the map yourself.

Alongside the map the CreativeSpaceExplorer includes some useful insights into building a creative space by some of the leading experts in the field.

The Maker Map is a Google Map of makers, fabricators, and supply outlets across the globe.

Users can filter the results displayed on the map by category and can search the map by location or by the name of the maker. Users can also add a resource to the map by completing a short form.

The Maker Map also has a discussion group on Google Groups and the code for the map can be viewed on GitHub (click the 'About the Map' button for the links).
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