Thursday, August 01, 2013

Happy Swiss National Day

Today is Swiss National Day. To mark this special day Vasile Coțovanu has created a timeline map showing the history of the accession of the different cantons.

In 1291, three cantons joined together into the first confederation. The Swiss Confederation now includes 29 cantons. The Accession Timeline of the Swiss Cantons is a Google Map showing when each of the 29 cantons joined the confederation.

The map includes a slider tool that users can adjust to view the dates when the various cantons (shown on the map with shaped polygons) joined with the other cantons.

The map and timeline slider tool is a great way to visualise history on a map and luckily Vasile has open sourced the code. The code is available on GitHub. To create a similar map you just need to edit the events and the polygon geometries.
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