Thursday, August 08, 2013

Mapping Japan's Radiation Levels

The Institute for Information Design Japan has created a map that shows radiation readings from measurement devices across the country. The Japan Radiation Map displays over 2,500 radiation readings taken throughout Japan on a Google Map.

The markers for each measurement are color-coded to give an overview of where radiation levels in the country are at their highest. Users can mouse-over the individual markers to find the exact reading from each radiation monitoring device. 

Safecast is working to build a radiation sensor network, comprised of static and mobile sensors deployed around Japan. The Safecast Maps page includes a number of Google Maps that have been built to help visualise the radiation data collected by the Safecast sensor network.

The Safecast Map itself depicts over 4,000,000 radiation data points collected by the Safecast team. It provides a heat map visualisation of radiation levels collected by the sensor network. The map includes options to view the data on top of different Google Maps styles and using map tiles from different online map providers.

The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Japan has released a real-time map of radiation measurements in Fukushima Prefecture. The Japan Radiation Monitoring Map uses Google Maps to show the radiation levels measured by monitors throughout the Fukishima Prefecture.

The measurements displayed on the map are updated every ten minutes. The map uses a marker clustering system to show how many radiation monitor measurements are available at different locations. If you click on a marker all the measurements from that point can be viewed in the map sidebar. 
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