Saturday, August 24, 2013

One Week of Egyptian Protests Mapped

We've previously posted about John Beieler's Global Protest Map, that shows global protests not only geographically but over time. Beieler's Global Protest Map map is animated to show GDELT protest data chronologically from 1979 until the present day.

John Beieler has now used GDELT data to map One Week of Egyptian Protests. His new maps use data from August 9th until the 17th.

The first map (above) shows protest action that is labelled 'civilian' in the GDELT data. The second map (below) shows political action that indicates a change in military or police posture.

On his blog Beieler says he will leave readers to interpret the maps but does note that "the change in military/police posture events are more widespread than the violent events (and) as expected, there is also a high concentration of violent events within Cairo.
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