Friday, August 30, 2013

Rosbif Eating Surrender Monkeys

You can now view an incredible Street View of a Space Shuttle in flight over New Jersey on Google Maps. This is not the only appearance of a Space Shuttle on Google Maps. Over at the NASA Kennedy Space Center in Florida you can see Endeavour in close up.

The Interactive Game of Thrones Map is a great Google Map of the Westeros kingdom from George Martin's series of fantasy novels A Song of Ice and Fire. Fouillis this week posted another map of Westeros using a very Google Maps like design.

New York based graphic designer and illustrator Matt Delbridge has created some stunning illustrations to help promote Google Maps.

Delbridge's illustrated posters use Google Maps colors and design features. A number of designs have been created to promote Google Maps in countries around the world. The design above represents my proud country of rosbif eating surrender monkeys.

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