Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Smarter Travel with Google Maps

TravelSmart has released a useful new Google Map that can you find smarter ways to travel without always having to rely on a car.

Whether you are looking to find a new neighbourhood with great public transit links, or you just want to find the best walking or cycling routes for your daily commute, the Your Neighbourhood Map can help.

Enter an address into the Your Neighbourhood Map and you will instantly receive a Walk Score and Transit Score that gives you a great idea of how walkable the neighborhood is and how good the transit links are. A handy travel time tool shows directly on the map how far you can walk or cycle in a given period of time.

The map also allows you to view a whole range of local amenities on the map so that you can tell at a glance how easy it is to access amenities from your entered address. 

Hat-tip: Google Street View World
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