Thursday, August 29, 2013

The 10 Weirdest Sights on Street View

When you enter an indoor Street View tour on Google Maps you really don't know what you might find. You could find yourself entering a spooky scene from The Shining, or turning a corner and bumping into a man with a donkey's head, or even discovering a man stuck in the toilet.

Companies are getting very creative with their use of Business Photos on Google Maps. A lot of businesses have really grabbed the opportunity to give customers a virtual tour of business premises on Google Maps Street View and come-up with some fun Easter eggs. The slideshow above represents ten of the weirdest views I've come across on Google Business Photos.

If you want to try and find some of the other fun things hidden inside Google Business Photos then take a look at these two websites that have begun cataloguing all the Business Photos that have been added to Google Maps:
 Hat-tip: Google Street View World 

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