Saturday, August 03, 2013

The Maps of the Week

Block by Block, Brooklyn’s Past and Present is a great map for anyone who is interested in discovering and visiting Brooklyn's oldest surviving buildings. The map shows the age of 320,000 buildings in Brooklyn.

Each building on the map is shaded according to its year of construction and users can click on any of the buildings to discover its exact year of construction. The data for the map comes from the NYC Department of City Planning.

If you like this map you will also like Portland: The Age of a City, which is a similar map, showing the age of buildings in Portland, Oregon.

Island is a blog with content cultivated by some of the world's best climbers. The blog now features a prominent CartoDB / MapBox map featuring most of the world's crags.

Island bloggers post images from their climbs to the Island map, a feature that will soon be open to all members. Users can also select climb locations on the map to discover more about the climbing conditions, boulders and climbing routes at that location.

I'm not a great fan of most location sharing maps. In most cases I don't see the value of constantly updating the world about your current location. however is a location sharing app that is actually very useful. 

Using this app you can automatically display your current location on a map. You then get a URL of the map to share with a friend. When your friend opens the map their location is then added to the map as well. Now you and your friend can both see each other's location and begin to try and find each other in the real world.

Your map updates both your location and your friend's location in real-time, so as you try to locate each other for real you can see each other's locations moving on the map.
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