Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Synaesthesia Taste Map

Harry Beck's London Underground map has to be the most copied map style in the world. The number of 'infographics' inspired by Beck's map seem to grow daily. There are also countless reinterpretations of the London Underground map, from the London Anagram Map to the literal German translation map (if you want more of these the Londonist has a useful guide to Alternative London Tube Maps).

James Wannerton has now created a Synaesthesia Station Taste Map. Thanks to a a neurological condition called synaesthesia James tastes words when he reads or hears them. This means that for James each of the London Underground stations has a unique taste. His Synaesthesia Station Taste Map reworks Harry Beck's map to show how each station tastes.

This week Business Insider asked Americans what they thought about people living in other states. In the survey they asked respondents to answer a series of questions about a state that wasn't their own. The questions ranged from which states were the drunkest to which had the silliest accents.

Business Insider then created a series of static maps revealing what Americans think about each of the 50 states.
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