Friday, August 30, 2013

View the Age of 10 Million Global Buildings

One very noticeable growth area in interactive visualizations over the last few months has been the sudden trend in maps that show the age of buildings.

CitySDK has created a map that shows the age of a staggering 9,866,539 buildings in the Netherlands. Buildings on the map, throughout the country, are colored on the map by their age of construction. You can even click on any of the nearly 10 million buildings to view the exact year of construction.

Ljubljana Building Ages is a map of building ages in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Buildings on the map are colored by age and a line graph provides a quick visual overview of the ages of the city's buildings.

The Ljubljana map was inspired by the Portland, Oregon: The Age of a City. This MapBox map colors 544,033 buildings in Portland by age.

Block by Block, Brooklyn’s Past and Present is a great map for anyone who is interested in discovering and visiting Brooklyn's oldest surviving buildings. The map shows the age of 320,000 buildings in Brooklyn.

Each building on the map is shaded according to its year of construction and users can click on any of the buildings to discover its exact year of construction. The data for the map comes from the NYC Department of City Planning.

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