Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Mapping Blight in the Motor City

The Blight Removal Task Force was set-up in Detroit in order to address the growing problem of blighted properties in the city. The first step in being able to clear and remove the blight affecting residential, commercial, and public structures in the entire city is to know where they are.

Motor City Mapping is the result of a city wide physical survey of all land parcels in the city. The map visualizes the results of the 5,279 parcels surveyed so far and allows the Task Force to identify and prioritize parcels requiring attention.

The map provides heat map views of the condition and occupancy of buildings surveyed. Heat maps can be viewed by neighborhood, zip-code areas, council districts and by census tracts. The map also provides heat map views of vacant lots with dumping, structures with fire damage and structures that need boarding.

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