Saturday, May 03, 2014

Real-time Transit Maps Across the Globe

There are other real-time transit maps and then there is Travic.

What sets Travic apart from other real-time transit maps is its huge coverage across the globe. The Travic map provides animated maps of over 70 transit systems around the world. I was going to list a few of the cities where you can view transit systems animated on the Travic Leaflet powered map but I think the following screenshot provides a nice overview of where Travic operates.

The Travic map uses publicly available GTFS data which has been released by city transit systems to provide real-time simulated maps of buses, trains and trams in real-time. Travic also uses real-time data where it is available.

Another really nice feature of Travic is that if you click on an animated vehicle on the map the line it is operating on is highlighted on the map and the vehicle's full schedule is displayed on a route map, showing the vehicle's time of arrival and departure at each scheduled stop.

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