Saturday, March 25, 2017

Alpine Ski Resorts in Danger

Climate scientists at the Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research in Switzerland estimate that the Alps are likely to see a huge drop in snow levels by the end of this century. They suggest that snowfall in the Alps could drop by between 30 and 70 percent by the year 2100. This could have serious consequences for many of Europe's most popular ski resorts.

Der Spiegel has mapped out the effect of global warming on European ski resorts based on the Institute's findings. Their interactive map Snow in Ski Resorts shows how 988 ski resorts in the Alpine region could be effected by falling levels of snowfall. The Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research predict that by the end of the century heights below 1200 meters will see very little snow. Under this scenario around one-fifth of Alpine ski resorts will have to survive with no natural snow in the very near future.

The Alpine resorts below 1200 meters are marked in red on Der Spiegel's map. The yellow markers on the map show ski resorts which have ski runs both above and below 1200 meters. This means that some parts of these resorts may still get some natural snowfall by the end of the century. The ski resorts shown in green are those which are entirely above 1200 meters. These are the resorts which should be least effected by falling levels of snowfall.

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