Friday, March 03, 2017

How London Gets to Work

According to the Mayor of London's office the number of people cycling on London's roads has seen remarkable growth over the last few years. Last year the GLA's report into the impact of the Mayor's Vision for Cycling stated that during the morning rush hour "on some main roads, up to 70 per cent of vehicles are bicycles" and across the city "32 per cent of all vehicles on the roads are now bicycles".

You can see how cycling in London has increased drastically over the last 15 years on a new mapped visualization of cycling during the morning rush hour from Suprageography. Suprageography's London Traffic Counts Map visualizes the mode of transport used in the morning rush hour on London's roads over the last 16 years. The map uses Department of Transport traffic count data for the hour of 8am to 9am to show how people are commuting to work on London's roads.

The map shows how, particularly in central London, cycling has become one of the most popular methods of traveling to work for commuters on London's roads. Using the map you select up to three different modes of transport. Each mode of transport is shown as different colored circles, with the size of each circle proportional to the flow.

The map also allows you to allow you to visualize the change in the popularity of any of the modes of transport between any two years. In this visualization the green circles show an increase and the purple circles indicate decreases in the traffic counts for selected mode of transport.

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