Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Make Your Very Own Toposcope

A toposcope is a marker that is placed on the top of a hill or other elevated position to show the direction and distance to notable locations which can be seen from that point. Toposcopes can usually be found at popular vantage points to help you spot nearby locations which can be observed from that position.

If your favorite hill or elevated position doesn't have its own toposcope then don't worry as you can now make your own with this new Toposcope Maker. The Toposcope Maker is a simple to use tool which helps you make your very own handy guide as to what can be seen from any location on Earth.

To create your own toposcope for an elevated position you first need to click on the provided map to show your central position. You can then add nearby points of interest to your toposcope by selecting the marker option from the map toolbox and clicking the POI's location on the map. A line will then be added to the map showing the direction and distance to your added point of interest. You can edit the text label on the line to add a label for your point of interest. You can then continue to add as many other points of interest to your topscope as you want.

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