Friday, March 31, 2017

Play Ms Pacman on Google Maps

Most years the Google Maps team manage to create something special for April Fools' Day. One of the team's best April Fools' jokes was turning Google Maps into a fully working game of Pacman in 2015.

Google Maps Pacman was so successful that this year Google has decided to bring it back - only this year Pacman is wearing a ribbon. That's right! If you open Google Maps on a desktop or on Android you can play Ms Pacman.

To play just click on the 'insert coin' button. If you don't see the button then zoom in on an area with lots of roads. In the game dots are added to the roads and that famous yellow pill and colored ghosts appear. All you have to do is to collect all the dots and avoid those chasing ghosts. Make sure to turn on the sound if you want to wacca, wacca, wacca across the map in style.

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