Sunday, March 19, 2017

Safe Walking in Melbourne

In the USA a number of cities have introduced Vision Zero projects. Vision Zero initiatives look at the causes of traffic accidents and where they most happen. They then implement policies to try to make those streets safer for pedestrians, cyclists and other road users.

In Australia the city of Melbourne has WalkSpot. In this project Victoria Walks and CrowdSpot are working together to discover where pedestrians feel safe and unsafe when walking in Melbourne. Using the WalkSpot interactive map anyone can 'Add a Spot' at any location in Melbourne where they think there are road safety issues affecting pedestrians.

The WalkSpot interactive map can then be used by local and state government to identify trouble spots and to help road management agencies improve the streets for pedestrians.

In the USA you can view examples of the Vision Zero initiatives at Vision Zero Boston, Vision Zero New York and Vision Zero San Francisco.

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