Tuesday, March 07, 2017

The Breath of the Wild Map

If you are struggling to lead Link around the vast Kingdom of Hyrule in the latest incarnation of The Legend of Zelda then you might want to use these interactive maps. In the Breath of the Wild the world of Hyrule is reportedly twelve times as large as the game world in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Sp you just might need to consult these maps.

Zelda Dungeon's interactive map of Breath of the Wild uses the Google Maps API to help you find your way around Hyrule. The map includes categorized map markers showing you the locations of important places and collectibles in the game. It also includes map labels and a handy search facility which can help you navigate around the map.

IGN's interactive Breath of the Wild map is similar to the map from Zelda Dungeon. It also includes categorized markers, map labels and a search facility. IGN's map of Hyrule appears to have been created using the Leaflet.js mapping library.

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