Wednesday, August 30, 2017

2017 Tour de Turtles

Soca, the Leatherback turtle, is currently leading this year's exciting Tour de Turtles. With 63 days left in this annual endurance race Soca is currently around 200 miles in front of Lincoln in second place. However, with 6 days still remaining in the Tour de Turtles, this race is still wide open.

Every year Sea Turtle Conservancy track the marathon migration of sea turtles from their nesting beaches in Panama to their foraging grounds in the Gulf of Mexico. Each year's race begins on the 1st August 1st and lasts for approximately three months. The race element of the Tour de Turtles is simply based on the tracked turtle who swims the furthest in the three months of the experiment.

You can view how each turtle is doing by viewing its own interactive tracking map. The map shows the track of the selected turtle sine August 1st. It also shows you how many miles the turtle has swum and how many days are left in this year's Tour de Turtles.

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