Friday, August 25, 2017

Dragon Tracking Map of Essos

Carto has released a new basemap. This new map allows you to create your very own interactive Game of Thrones maps. Carto's Game of Thrones basemap includes the continents of Westeros & Essos and also shows the locations of the major towns and roads.

You can learn more about the design of the Game of Thrones basemap on the Carto blog post, Our Game of Thrones Basemap is here to unite the Seven Kingdoms. The post includes a demo map of the new Games of Thrones basemap in action as an interactive map.

If you want another demo of the Game of Thrones basemap in action then you can check out my Dragon Tracking Map of Essos. This map allows you to follow the movements in real-time of Daenerys Targaryen's dragon Rhaegal. I knocked this demo up very quickly using code from Ramiro Aznar's How to make your markers move with Leaflet.js demo.

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